Hughes Cain & Associates

Line Card

Degson Electronics, LTD:
Founded in 1990, DEGSON is the largest manufacturer of terminal blocks in Asia and owns the first UL and VDE authorized lab in Asia
Terminal Blocks – DIN Rail, Pluggable, Screw, Spring, Barrier, Feed Through
Circular Connectors IP67 – M8 and M12 sizes
EV Charging Connectors

TN, STN, FSTN, & OLED from 8x2 Character to 320x240 Graphic Display Modules
TFT from 2.8” to 15” Analog and Digital Modules
Custom Designed Driver Boards and LCD Modules (TN. STN, CSTN, & OLED)
Value-Added Services Including Antiglare Coatings, LCD Heaters, Touch Panels

AC-DC and DC-to-DC Power Supplies, Medical Power Supplies, Adapter Power Supplies,
Wall Mount Power Supplies with fixed or interchangeable plugs,
Industrial Rated Open Frame Power Supplies, , Battery Backup ATX Power Supplies and UPS,
DIN Rail Power Supplies as well as Modified Standard and Custom Power Supplies.

Made in the USA - Manufacturer of Domestic and International AC Power Products
International & Domestic; Cordsets, Power Cords, and AC Input Modules
AC Inlets, Plugs & Receptacles, International Wire and Cable
Standard Power Strips, Custom Power Strips, Medical Power Strips
Desktop 2200VA International Power Source

Analog Semiconductor IC Design and Manufacturing of:
Op Amps, Power Supply IC, LED Drivers, A/D Converters, Regulators and Comparators
Used in White Goods, Consumer, Automotive, RF Communications, and Medical

Distributors: WPG, Digi-Key, Future, Mouser, PIK Power

The Market Leader for Passive Components
Current Sense, Custom Networks, Circuit Protection, Precision Thin Film
Integrated Passive Components, Introducing LTCC
EMI/EMC Filtering Components
Industrial and Automotive grade components up to +155 ℃

Distributors: Arrow Electronics, Garrett Electronics, TTI - Mouser

Regulated and unregulated DC/DC Converters (surface mount and through hole) ranging from
1W to 75W. AC/DC Encapsulated Supplies ranging from 2W to 60W. Medical, ITE and Railway

Distributors: Component Distributors, PIK Power, WPG

Plastic Tool Design and Cutting. Plastic Injection Molding Including E-Mold, PVD, IMD, Double Injection, Synthetic Rubber Coatings
Sheet Metal Design, Tooling, and Manufacturing Including Painting, Anodizing, and other Surface Finishes
Metal Extrusion, Die Cast Metal, and Machined Metal - Design and Manufacturing Including Finishing and Assembly

Custom Molded Cables and Assemblies
Wire Harnesses
Injection Molded Plastics
PCB Assembly & Turnkey Assemblies